11 Year old boy reincarnated.

News Networks cover the story of an 11 year old boy named James Leininger who remembers much of his past life. Part of what 2012 means is that we get to remember more or who we are, in total , as a soul. So the children being born these days come in with less of a filter and therefor remember much. This Incidents like this will eventually be common place until we as a species, are fully awake and know the true nature of existence. It is all very beautiful. Many such truths are available on this site.

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  1. Giorgio A. Morabito February 21, 2012 at 13:18 · Reply

    Such beatiful truths coming to light again remind me of the many experiences and info. told

    through author/channel, Jane Roberts in her “Seth” books on personal reality and the nature of

    the psyche series published in the 1970’s. It seems that there is more acceptance now of these

    unseen realities, thank God. And thank you and bless you for these exquisite blogs!


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