The Undyne, Part I

Undyne. Glass of water

The Undyne. Whose name sound like Un-dying. Because it does not die. The etymology comes from it being known as one of the 5 eternal beings in physical reality. It is eternal. It never dies. It just changes form. Over and over, eternally. It has been on Earth, well for all of Earths existence. Day 1. So if the Earth is millions of years old, and it is, this conscious being has been here from day 1.

For millions of years if not billions, it has nourished life here. Life of all kind has ingested it, passed it out, and then the Sun, its brother, changed its form and it floated up into the heavens of the Earth and then cleansed itself of the Earth, and then collected itself through the law of attraction that man calls magnetism. It then bows to the gravitational pull of the Earth, its sister, and falls back to once again nourish all life. All in a days work for the Undyne.

And as I hold this glass of the Undyne up to my mouth, I think of all the thousands of times I have drank it and not consider how ANCIENT it is. How these SAME molecules have been here for billions of years and watched life come and go and how so few have even thanked it for giving it life and sustaining its body.

The Undyne has perfect memory and remembers the name of every being that has thanked it for its life.

Beings living on Earth come and go, the languages come and go, change and evolve. The Ancients of Atlantis called it the Undyne, but today’s man call it water. It is not a fan of water. It likes the more accurate name of the Undyne, because it better reflects its eternal nature. But whatever. Man is not aware of much. Like besides nourishing life, the nature of water is also to CLEANSE things; balance things; neutralize things. Speaking of balance and neutralizing, water, by nature, is BOTH the softest AND the most powerful thing in physical reality. Second only to love. And yes even more powerful that its brother Salamander(Fire.) Ask fire who wins in a fight.  And so cleansing is also a part of its nature, hence the storms; the hurricanes, the tsunami’s.

Angels from heaven use water to move man when man needs to be moved. To cleans the dense energies of the land and the beings at the end of cycles when the scales require balancing so things can reset. Its all a part of the job when you are a natural force of nature. If the energies were not balanced, the planet would be out of balance and would not spin perfectly on its axis, and then that would cause the Earth, its Sister, to quake, and no one wants that.

The Undyne’s message to man; create less negativity in your free choice, and I will have less to balance; especially at the end of the grand cycle that is the presession of the equinoxes. For life to continue the scales on both sides must be even. Now I see why the Egyptians drew on the pyramids that when a soul leaves the body, its heart must be placed on a scale and on the other side is placed a feather, and if the heart is not as light as the feather, the soul can not return, yet, to heaven. And so too, we as wise souls, desiring to go to heaven, must understand and let the Undyne do its job and balance the emotional energies that we have created, or allowed our governments to create in our name.

Understand the Metaphysics behind the cleansing nature of the Undyne is based in love. Everything in Creation is based in Love. Love is after all the fifth Element, eternal sister to the Undyne.

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