The Prime Radiant

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This article is about ultimate reality as I see it. Not about the physical reality as we know it to be in our day to day lives on Earth. And to me you can’t tell the story of Ultimate reality without talking about God, Angels, and man.

The first interesting part is that they are all one and the same in many aspects. It all starts with the Creator God or the Source. Remember as I explain the source, that we and the Angels are of the same stuff. Same source energy; exactly the same in every way, just a different perspective. This is in many ways the first paradox of creation. How the one  IS the many.

The Prime Radiant

In the beginning there was a particle. This particle had no mass. That alone is hard for most to imagine because no such things exist in physical reality, or so is the belief of most people on Earth. Then on top of that the first source particle was conscious of itself to a degree; similar to that of an amoeba or virus or bacteria or plant cell. Of course this is not exactly how the first source was, not really a particle but it serves as an adequate enough examples for the purpose of this article. This is what was told to me so this is how I tell it to you.Source

So this particle was all there is. There was nothing else. Definitely no physical reality, so no stars, moons and planets or so called life. There was no such concept of time or space, which as many of you suspect is not empirical, but only a concept and tool created by physical beings. Not even a spirit realm, because this had not yet been built or conceived.

The very first thing that happened in existence was for our source particle to have knowledge of itself. For it to think “I AM”. Since there was nothing else, everywhere it moved, it was at the center of all there was. The next phase of existence was for the source to experience itself. The only way for it to do this was by creating a copy of itself, internally. There was no other way to create anything else other than internally because it was and still remains the only thing in existence.

This copy of source now then had the ability to see itself or experience itself. This was the creation of the concept of what may be called time and space. There was now a here and there. A this and a that. It could move about by projecting itself “there” at infinite speed. Why infinite speed? Its speed was said to be infinite because there was nothing else to compare it with. It could only be slow if there was something that moved faster and vice versa. Since it was the only speed around, it’s speed was said to be infinite. This is a simple but profound understanding. When I first learned of this concept, I was giddy with excitement, and I still am.

Over so called time, the source moved and split and created everything else in existence. It created rules , or laws,  to govern existence. It desired that every copy of itself, at some level,  to have the same memory, knowledge and abilities of itself. At some points in the creation game, copies of the source decided to play with the idea of limiting itself. Forgetting it’s past memories, just to see what the experience would be like. It created life and forms of life in every form possible. Eventually it did everything possible. Now everything possible is said to be infinite. There are infinite possibilities and yet this source somehow has done it all. Now how long did it take to accomplish all this? You guessed it. It all happened instantly because it can move as fast as it takes to accomplish anything due to the fact that it can move at infinite speeds. So all of creation happened at infinite speed or instantly or to put it in its ultimate term, the creator always was and always will be.

Now if the creator source always was and always will be, eternal. And everything in existence is just a copy of the source. And we are part of existence; then we are a copy of source and therefore infinite and eternal. Everything that exists is happening in the consciousness of the one thing in existence. It is intelligent and conscious. All concepts, emotions, materials and life derive from it playing with all the possibilities and perspectives of itself. So yes dear ones, we are all one. You and I are part of the illusion that source is creating to experience itself from as many perspectives as are infinitely possible. Creation, all that exist,  is creator source or the Prime radiant, creating and experiencing itself.


Now it makes sense when you hear, God is all, we are all one, there is only one God, the creator, God is infinite etc. etc. So yes, God knows your thoughts easily, because they are its thoughts. No God is not Male or female. The concepts of gender are a creation. I am told that in some worlds, they are more than 2 genders. No there is no such thing as time or space, these are mere tools created along the way. And no you can never really die, as the life you are now living was just an illusion that you chose to partake in so that you can experience being finite. You always were and you always will exist without end.

Knowledge of all this makes it simple to believe in LBL or life before life or reincarnation. It is now clear how some people have certain skill sets that they appear to come in with. Why a child who has never seen a piano can sit down and start playing it like he has done so before. Because it has.

I will leave you with this final bit of information about the creator or source or prime radiant, It IS love.

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