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Planetary Predictions for 2015, 2016 And Beyond
February 15, 2015, 3 Comments

In December of 2014 Bashar, the Extraterrestrial being channeled by Darryl Anka made some profound predictions. They emp ...

Walter White, from Breaking Bad
Love Is All There Is, There Are No Bad People
November 6, 2014, No Comments

The only reason why people might wind up in those kind of circumstances, where they are considered to have done somethin ...

Pictures of a girl as she transforms herself into a boy
We Are SPIRITS having A Human Experience! And Spirits Have No Gender.
November 4, 2014, 21 Comments

The following is MY truth, not THE truth. I saw someone ask on Reddit, Why do Gay Men talk and act like Girls? I more or ...

Boyd Bushman
Boyd Bushman – His Last Interview: A Documentary on Area 51 and UFO’s over Tucson, Arizona
October 28, 2014, No Comments

Shortly before Boyd Bushman passed away on August 7, 2014, he was video recorded candidly speaking about his personal ex ...

Udi Segal saying I will not fight.
Israeli Conscientious Objectors Refuse To Fight
August 4, 2014, No Comments

In the Golden Age, there are no wars. All wars on planet Earth will end in the next few years. How? The Soldiers are wak ...

Jim Carrey's 2014 commencement speech
Jim Carey Commencement Address – 2014
June 1, 2014, No Comments

Jim Carrey addresses the Class of 2014 at the Maharishi University of Management. This is a must see speech. One of the ...

Pope Francis
Pope Calls For An End to The Cult Of Money
October 30, 2013, No Comments

In a clear and definite statement Pope Francis has demonstrated that he is all for the Christ Consciousness returning to ...

Searching For Sugar Man
Non Violent Movie of the Week #1 – Searching For Sugar Man
October 17, 2013, No Comments

We are starting a new series here on Creation Is Love. We will review and recommend great non violent movies for the mas ...