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We Have Six Senses Not Five
March 12, 2011, No Comments

When we wake in the mornings, the veil is very thin and we receive much information from our spirit guides. Especially i ...

Here Today video
December 11, 2010, No Comments

Paul McCartney sings a heart felt rendition of “Here Today”, A song he wrote for John Lennon.

The Wisdom Of Will Smith
October 25, 2010, No Comments

A composition of Will Smith wisdom. There is synchronicity in his first name being WILL, and how he clearly has a strong ...

Autistic Girl Shows Intelligence
July 14, 2010, No Comments

11 is the number of change.

33 Tips For A Happy Life
June 13, 2010, 1 Comment

List of 33 things I personally follow to make each day a dream and each dream a reality. Please adapt what vibrates with ...

How The Ascension Is Affecting Non-Integrity
May 20, 2010, No Comments

Before I get into what is going on with Tiger, Toyota, the Bankers, and British Petroleum, a little filler information i ...

Life is Great
May 7, 2010, No Comments

I am currently reading Drunvelo’s book “The Ancient Secret of the flower of life, volume 2”. It ends w ...